Coming May 2021

Interested in being a guest?

We are currently scheduling our guest calendar for Episodes 1-12 of Training Views. If you are a Learning & Development Executive or Manager, team member, or work for a company that offers L&D products, we would love to discuss scheduling an interview with you.

Episodes 1-12 will appear in the first 3 months within podcast launch.

Tim's Podcasting History

Tim is a veteran podcaster that has launched and hosted several high-charting podcasts. After several years away, he is returning with his new show that focuses on learning in the workplace. The show will feature insightful talks with learning leaders from companies across the globe. 


  • Fireworks Podcast
  • TechMonks Podcast
  • Talking Tech Show
  • Homeland Podcast
  • Second Screeners
  • The Walking Dead (TV Talk Network)
  • Mad Men (TV Talk Network)
  • Warehouse 13 (TV Talk Network)
  • Helix Podcast
  • Gotham Undercover (Golden Spiral Media)